What is the full form of PV?

PV Full Form is: Physical Volume

  • Category: Information technology
  • PV Full Form in Hindi is: भौतिक आयतन
  • PV Full Form in Bengali is: ভৌত ভলিউম
  • PV Full Form in Marathi is: भौतिक खंड
  • PV Full Form in Tamil is: உடல் அளவு
  • PV Full Form in Telegu is: భౌతిక వాల్యూమ్

Full Form or meaning of PV In Information technology sector is: Physical Volume

PV Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of PV

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Analysis Data (phase Vocorder) File Type PV
PALLAVARAM Indian Railway Station PV
Pressure Volume Chemistry PV
Pore Volume Chemistry PV
Power Voltage Electronics PV
Photovoltaic(s) Electronics PV
Peak To Valley Electronics PV
Photovoltaic Electronics PV
Photo-voltaic Electronics PV
Pulsed Vertical Electronics PV
Point / Performance Value Messaging PV
Percent Vectorization Maths PV
Previous Value Maths PV
Polynomially Verifiable Maths PV
Penobscot Valley Earth Science PV
Potomac Valley Earth Science PV
Product Volume Physics Related PV
Plasma Volume Physics Related PV
Pressure Vessel Physics Related PV
Pressure-volume Physics Related PV
Prior Variance Real Estate PV
Principal Value Stock Exchange PV
Production Validation Military and Defence PV
Prime Vendor Military and Defence PV
Present Value Accounts and Finance PV
Principle Value Accounts and Finance PV
Pre-valve Space Science PV
Picture Viewer Computer Hardware PV
Pole Vault Sports PV
Point Value Sports PV


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