What is the full form of HO?

HO Full Form is: Higher Order

  • Category: Mathematics
  • HO Full Form in Hindi is: उच्च क्रम
  • HO Full Form in Bengali is: উচ্চতর ক্রম
  • HO Full Form in Marathi is: उच्च ऑर्डर
  • HO Full Form in Tamil is: உயர் ஆணை
  • HO Full Form in Telegu is: ఉన్నత శ్రేణుల

Full Form or meaning of HO In Mathematics sector is: Higher Order

HO Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of HO

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
High Order Physics Related HO
Humanitarian Offensive Military and Defence HO
Humanitarian Operation Military and Defence HO
Head quarters/high official Quota Indian Railways HO
Hand Off Computer and Networking HO
Host Open Networking HO
Holmium Chemistry Ho
High Output Electronics HO
Head Office Banking HO
Hold On Messaging HO
Hydrogen-oxygen Space Science HO
Harmonic Oscillator Radio Science HO


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