What is the full form of VAR?

VAR Full Form is: Vector Auto-regressive

  • Category: Mathematics
  • VAR Full Form in Hindi is: वेक्टर ऑटो-प्रतिगामी
  • VAR Full Form in Bengali is: ভেক্টর অটো-রিগ্রেসিভ
  • VAR Full Form in Marathi is: वेक्टर स्वयं-प्रतिगामी
  • VAR Full Form in Tamil is: வெக்டார் தன்னியக்க பின்னடைவு
  • VAR Full Form in Telegu is: వెక్టర్ ఆటో-రిగ్రెసివ్

Full Form or meaning of VAR In Mathematics sector is: Vector Auto-regressive

VAR Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of VAR

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Value Added Ratio Stock Exchange VAR
Varsity Stadium Sports VAR
variable Information Technology var
Value Added Resellers Computer and Networking VAR
Variable File ( Iconauthor) File Type VAR
VIDYANAGAR Indian Railway Station VAR
Volt-ampere Reactive Electronics VAR
Verification Analysis Space Science VAR
Visual-aural Range Radio Science VAR
Varna Airport Code VAR
Vector Autoregression Banking VAR
Value at Risk Banking VaR


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