What is the full form of M?

M Full Form is: Minutes

  • Category: Measurement Unit
  • M Full Form in Hindi is: मिनट
  • M Full Form in Bengali is: মিনিট
  • M Full Form in Marathi is: मिनिटे
  • M Full Form in Tamil is: நிமிடங்கள்
  • M Full Form in Telegu is: నిమిషాలు

Full Form or meaning of M In Measurement Unit sector is: Minutes

M Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of M

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Metre (spelled “meter” In Usa) Measurement Unit m
Months Measurement Unit M
Minute Measurement Unit M
Metre Measurement Unit m
Mile Measurement Unit M
Megawatt Measurement Unit M
Meters Measurement Unit M
Mille Measurement Unit M
1,000 Measurement Unit M
Mega (1 Million) Measurement Unit M-
Mega (1 Million) (prefix) Measurement Unit M-
Square Metres Measurement Unit
Square Metres Measurement Unit
Maiden Job Title M
Man Job Title M
Manservant Job Title M
Madrid Country Specific M
Multiply Computer Assembly Language M
Memory Computer Hardware M
Monitor Computer Hardware M
Markovian Maths M
Maximum Maths M
Manifold Maths M
Method Maths M
The Mean of A …. Maths M.
Multiple Physics Related M
Magic Physics Related M
Mutual Stock Exchange M
Motorsport Sports M
Multiplayer Sports M
Mission Military and Defence M
Mechanized Military and Defence M
Maneuver Military and Defence M
Maxim Military and Defence M
Model Military and Defence M
Mathematics Educational Degree M
Music Educational Degree M
Maple Common Binary File File Type M
Matlab M-file Function and Commands File Type M
Miranda Programming Language Script File File Type M
Mathematica Standard Package File Type M
Module Softwares M
Mobile Softwares M
Mozilla Softwares M
Methyl Chemistry M
Molar Chemistry M
Molecular Chemistry M
Milli- Electronics m
Negative Connection Electronics M
Mega Electronics M
Mighty Messaging M
Miserable Messaging M
Marvelous Messaging M
Microsoft Corporation Messaging M$
Million Messaging M
Medium Messaging M
Missionary Messaging M
Making Accounts and Finance M
Thousand (roman Numeral) Accounts and Finance M
Mach Space Science M
Maintainability Space Science M
Major Cycle Space Science M
Male Space Science M
Mandatory Space Science M
Manual Space Science M
Mass Space Science M
Matrix Space Science M
Mercury Space Science M
Meter Space Science m
Middle Space Science M
Missing (data) Space Science M
Monitor (mon Preferred) Space Science M
Number of Revolutions Required for The Rendezvous Space Science M
Mars Space Science M
Time In Days Before Move Operations Space Science M-


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