What is the full form of SL?

SL Full Form is: Step Length

  • Category: Measurement Unit
  • SL Full Form in Hindi is: कदम की लंबाई
  • SL Full Form in Bengali is: ধাপের দৈর্ঘ্য
  • SL Full Form in Marathi is: पायरीची लांबी
  • SL Full Form in Tamil is: படி நீளம்
  • SL Full Form in Telegu is: దశ పొడవు

Full Form or meaning of SL In Measurement Unit sector is: Step Length

SL Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of SL

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Skill Less Job Title SL
Software Laborer Job Title SL
Service Learning Job Title SL
Source Language Computer Assembly Language SL
Save Layout Computer Assembly Language SL
Speak Language Computer Assembly Language SL
Statement List Computer Assembly Language SL
Short Length Computer Assembly Language SL
Screen Lock Computer Hardware SL
Screen Length Computer Hardware SL
Shift Lock Computer Hardware SL
Special Linear Maths SL
Selected Linear Maths SL
Super Linear Physics Related SL
Super Lattice Physics Related SL
Securities Lending Stock Exchange SL
Slow Loader Military and Defence SL
Searchlight Military and Defence SL
Silenced Liberators Military and Defence SL
Strategic Logistics Military and Defence SL
Steel and Lead Military and Defence SL
Staged Loading Military and Defence SL
Sea Launch Military and Defence SL
Sniper Lords Military and Defence SL
Security Level Military and Defence SL
Sensitivity Level Military and Defence SL
System Layer Military and Defence SL
Syscon (system Control) Lightweight Computer Unit Military and Defence SL
Switch Locator Military and Defence SL
Squadron Leader Military and Defence SL
Sleeper Class Indian Railways SL
Sierra Leone Country Names SL
Single Line Telecommunication SL
Schlage Link Networking SL
S-lang Language Source Code File File Type SL
Simple Library Softwares SL
Second Life Softwares SL
Standard Library Softwares SL
Semantic Language Softwares SL
Set Levenshtein Distance Softwares SL
System Library Softwares SL
Script Language Softwares SL
SURATHKAL Indian Railway Station SL
Short Lived Chemistry SL
Specification Limit Electronics SL
Scots Lass Messaging SL
Sea Level Space Science SL
Seal Space Science SL
Service Level Space Science SL
Shelf Life Space Science SL
Sound Level Space Science SL
Spacelab Space Science SL
Sports Leicht Sports SL
Sport Light Sports SL
Starting Line Sports SL
Sports and Light Sports SL
Sporting Lisbon Sports SL
Sports Luxury Sports SL


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