What is the full form of BAC?

BAC Full form Kya hay?

BAC Full Form is: Blood Alcohol Content

B = Blood

A = Alcohol

C = Content

  • Category: Medical
  • BAC Full Form in Hindi is: रक्त शराब सामग्री
  • BAC Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: রক্তে অ্যালকোহল সামগ্রী
  • BAC Full Form in Marathi is: रक्तातील अल्कोहोल सामग्री
  • BAC Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: இரத்த ஆல்கஹால் உள்ளடக்கம்
  • BAC Full Form in Telegu is: రక్తంలో ఆల్కహాల్ కంటెంట్

BAC Full Form or meaning in Medical sector is: Blood Alcohol Content

BAC Full Form

Blood alcohol content
Synonyms Blood alcohol concentration, blood ethanol concentration, blood alcohol level, blood alcohol concentration, blood alcohol
LOINC 5639-0, 5640-8, 15120-9, 56478-1
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