What is the full form of CPM Tablet?

CPM Tablet Full Form is: Chlorpheniramine

  • Category: Medical
  • CPM Tablet Full Form in Hindi is: क्लोरफेनिरामाइन
  • CPM Tablet Full Form in Bengali is: ক্লোরফেনিরামিন
  • CPM Tablet Full Form in Marathi is: क्लोरफेनिरामाइन
  • CPM Tablet Full Form in Tamil is: குளோர்பெனிரமைன்
  • CPM Tablet Full Form in Telegu is: క్లోర్ఫెనిరమైన్

Full Form or meaning of CPM Tablet In Medical sector is: Chlorpheniramine

CPM Tablet Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of CPM

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Communist Party of India, Marxists Indian Political Party CPM
Cost Per Mille Internet CPM
Characters Per Minute Computing CPM
Continuous Phase Modulation Telecommunication CPM
Counts Per Minute Measurement Units CPM
Continuous Presence Multipoint Computer and Networking CPM
Certification In Pharmaceutical Management Educational Degree CPM
Control Port Manager Networking CPM
Computer Program Module Space Science CPM
Cycles Per Minute Space Science CPM
Command Pulse Module Space Science CPM
Cost Per Million Measurement Unit CPM
Copies Per Month Measurement Unit CPM
Conference Participant Minute Measurement Unit CPM
Chief Project Manager Job Title CPM
Certified Property Manager Job Title CPM
Customer Project Management Job Title CPM
Certified Purchasing Manager Job Title CPM
Compton (ca) Airport Code CPM
Certified Public Manager Certifications CPM
Colleges Prayer Meeting Educational Institute CPM
College Prep Materials Educational Institute CPM
Continuous Permeable Mountain Earth Science CPM
Collision Probability Method Physics Related CPM
College of Performance Management Business Management CPM
Commercial Property Management Business Management CPM
Campus Property Management Business Management CPM
Capital Project Management Business Management CPM
Civilian Personnel Manual Military and Defence CPM
Constant Passive Motion File Type CPM
Crucible Powder Metallurgy File Type CPM
Control Program Module (early Operating System for Computers) Softwares CPM
CHOLAPURAM Indian Railway Station CPM
Critical Path Method Messaging CPM
Cost Per Mil Accounts and Finance CPM
Certified Payroll Manager Accounts and Finance CPM


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