What is the full form of CVP?

CVP Full form Kya hay?

CVP Full Form is: Central Venous Pressure

C = Central

V = Venous

P = Pressure

  • Category: Medical
  • CVP Full Form in Hindi is: केंद्रीय शिरापरक दबाव
  • CVP Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: কেন্দ্রীয় ভেনাস চাপ
  • CVP Full Form in Marathi is: केंद्रीय शिरासंबंधीचा दाब
  • CVP Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: மத்திய சிரை அழுத்தம்
  • CVP Full Form in Telegu is: కేంద్ర సిరల పీడనం

CVP Full Form or meaning in Medical sector is: Central Venous Pressure

CVP or Central Venous Pressure Pronunciation

CVP Full Form

Site Normal pressure range (in mmHg)
Central venous pressure 3–8
Right ventricular pressure systolic 15–30
diastolic 3–8
Pulmonary artery pressure systolic 15–30
diastolic 4–12
Pulmonary vein/ Pulmonary capillary wedge pressure 2–15
Left ventricular pressure systolic 100–140
diastolic 3–12
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Other Significant Full Form of CVP

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Congestion Value Preset Networking CVP
Cover Page (winfax) File Type CVP
Cost Volume Profit Accounts and Finance CVP
Corporate Vice President Job Title CVP
KOVILPATTI Indian Railway Station CVP
Customer Value Proposition Messaging CVP

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