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What is the full form of EMS?

EMS Full form Kya hay?

EMS Full Form is: Emergency Medical Services

E = Emergency

M = Medical

S = Services

  • Category: Medical/Hospitals
  • EMS Full Form in Hindi is:
  • EMS Full Acronym Form in Bengali is: জরুরি চিকিৎসা সেবা
  • EMS Full Form in Arabis is: خدمات طبية طارئة
  • EMS Full Abbreviation Form in Japanese is: 救急隊
  • EMS Full Form in Chinese is: 緊急醫療服務

EMS Full Form or meaning in Medical and Hospitals sector is: Emergency Medical Services

EMS or Emergency Medical Services Pronunciation

EMS Full Form

EMS stands for Emergency Medical Services, and it is the term that describes all the medical services offered by the department. In the field of science, medicine and engineering, EMS is often used to refer to a wide range of different medical services. Its purpose is to provide immediate assistance to patients in need of emergency medical care. 

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Other Significant Full Form of EMS

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Expanded Memory Specification Information Technology EMS
Element Management System Computer and Networking EMS
Emergency Services Computer and Networking EMS
Enhanced Messaging Service Telecommunication EMS
Enterprise Mobility Server Networking EMS
Environmental Monitoring System Space Science EMS
Entry Monitoring System Space Science EMS
Experience Management System Job Title EMS
Environmental Management Systems Business Management EMS
Extended Memory Specification Computer Technology EMS
Ethyl Methane Sulphonate Chemistry EMS
Energy Management System Electronics EMS
E-mail Shorthand Messaging EMS
Eastern Mountain Sports Messaging EMS
Event Management System Space Science EMS
Electromagnetic Susceptibility Space Science EMS
Engineering Master Schedule Space Science EMS
Engineering Modeling System Space Science EMS
Embessa Airport Code EMS
Expanded Memory System Computer Hardware EMS
Enhanced Memory Specification Computer Hardware EMS
Electronic Music System Computer Hardware EMS
Enhanced Modulous Series Maths EMS
Environmental Management Syst Business Management EMS
Event Management Services Business Management EMS
Estimate Management Standard Business Management EMS
Expensive Mountain Sports Sports EMS
Electromagnetic Spectrum Military and Defence EMS
Enhanced Mobile Solution Networking EMS
Enterprise Management Suite Softwares EMS
Electronic Music Studio Softwares EMS
Electronic Manual Special Softwares EMS
Express mail service Service EMS
electrical muscle stimulation Science EMS
engine monitoring system Science EMS
electronics manufacturing services electronics EMS
european mathematical society   EMS
ems emergency medical Medical EMS
european monetary system Finance EMS

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