What is the full form of HB?

HB Full form Kya hay?

HB Full Form is: Hemoglobin

  • Category: Medical
  • HB Full Form in Hindi is: हीमोग्लोबिन
  • HB Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: হিমোগ্লোবিন
  • HB Full Form in Marathi is: हिमोग्लोबिन
  • HB Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: குருதிவளிக்காவி
  • HB Full Form in Telegu is: హీమోగ్లోబిన్

HB Full Form or meaning in Medical sector is: Hemoglobin

HB or Hemoglobin Pronunciation

HB Full Form

(heterotetramer, (αβ)2)
1GZX Haemoglobin.png
Structure of human hemoglobin. α and β subunits are in red and blue, respectively, and the iron-containing heme groups in green. From PDB: 1GZX​ Proteopedia Hemoglobin
Cofactor(s) heme (4)
Protein type metalloprotein, globulin
Function oxygen-transport
Source Website
Subunit name Gene Chromosomal locus
Hb-α1 HBA1 Chr. 16 p13.3
Hb-α2 HBA2 Chr. 16 p13.3
Hb-β HBB Chr. 11 p15.5

Other Significant Full Form of HB

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