What is the full form of MC?

MC Full Form is: Menstrual Cycle

  • Category: Medical
  • MC Full Form in Hindi is: मासिक धर्म
  • MC Full Form in Bengali is: মাসিক চক্র
  • MC Full Form in Marathi is: मासिक पाळी
  • MC Full Form in Tamil is: மாதவிடாய் சுழற்சி
  • MC Full Form in Telegu is: ఋతు చక్రం

Full Form or meaning of MC In Medical sector is: Menstrual Cycle


Other Significant Full Form of MC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Menstrual Cycle Medical MC
Multipoint Controller (H.323) Computer and Networking MC
Monaco Country Names MC
Methylene Chloride Chemistry MC
Make Call Telecommunication MC
Main Cross-connect Telecommunication MC
Memory Card Telecommunication MC
Multi Computer Networking MC
M3cg Intermediate Language File (modula-3) File Type MC
Manual Chapter (nrc Inspection Manual) File Type MC
Magic Xchange Package (magic Cap File Archive) File Type MC$
Master Copy Softwares MC
MANDAPAM CAMP Indian Railway Station MC
Middle Carbonate Chemistry MC
Multi-channel Electronics MC
Molten Carbonate Chemistry MC
Meter Coupled Electronics MC
Multipoint Controller Electronics MC
Message Center Computer and Networking MC

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