What is the full form of MPV?

MPV Full Form is: Mean Platelet Volume

  • Category: Medical
  • MPV Full Form in Hindi is: मीन प्लेटलेट वॉल्यूम
  • MPV Full Form in Bengali is: গড় প্লেটলেট ভলিউম
  • MPV Full Form in Marathi is: सरासरी प्लेटलेट व्हॉल्यूम
  • MPV Full Form in Tamil is: சராசரி பிளேட்லெட் தொகுதி
  • MPV Full Form in Telegu is: మీన్ ప్లేట్‌లెట్ వాల్యూమ్

Full Form or meaning of MPV In Medical sector is: Mean Platelet Volume


Other Significant Full Form of MPV

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Microsoft Project View File File Type MPV
Mean Platelet Value Chemistry MPV
Market Potential Value Stock Exchange MPV
Massive Party Vehicle Messaging MPV
Mine Protected Vehicle Military and Defence MPV
Main Power Voltage Electronics MPV
Multi-purpose Vehicle Military and Defence MPV


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