What is the full form of OPD?

OPD Full form Kya hay?

OPD Full Form is: Outpatient Department

OP = Outpatient

D = Department

  • Category: Medical
  • OPD Full Form in Hindi is: बाह्य रोगी विभाग
  • OPD Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: বহির্বিভাগের রোগীদের বিভাগ
  • OPD Full Form in Marathi is: बाह्यरुग्ण विभाग
  • OPD Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: வெளிநோயாளர் பிரிவு
  • OPD Full Form in Telegu is: ఔట్ పేషెంట్ విభాగం

OPD Full Form or meaning in Medical sector is: Outpatient Department

OPD or Outpatient Department Pronunciation

OPD Full Form

The Outpatient Department, or OPD, is an important department in a hospital. This department is intended to see outpatients at a consulting clinic. The OPD consists of one or more consulting rooms, associated support accommodation such as treatment rooms and nurse stations, and waiting areas for patients and visitors.

This department will help to keep the hospital running smoothly. The staff of the OPD will be ready to serve patients and make them feel comfortable during their visit. The Outpatient Department is a part of the hospital that is designed to treat patients on an outpatient basis.

Other Significant Full Form of OPD

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Outsourced Product Development Softwares OPD
Optical Path Difference Physics Related OPD
Ocean Physics Department Physics Related OPD
Occupational Property Databank Job Title OPD
original pack dispensing Business OPD
over pressure device Product OPD

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