What is the full form of PAT?

PAT Full form Kya hay?

PAT Full Form is: Paroxysmal Atrial Tachycardia

  • Category: Medical
  • PAT Full Form in Hindi is: पैरॉक्सिस्मल एट्रियल टैचीकार्डिया
  • PAT Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: প্যারোক্সিসমাল অ্যাট্রিয়াল টাকাইকার্ডিয়া
  • PAT Full Form in Marathi is: पॅरोक्सिस्मल अॅट्रियल टाकीकार्डिया
  • PAT Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: பராக்ஸிஸ்மல் ஏட்ரியல் டாக்ரிக்கார்டியா
  • PAT Full Form in Telegu is: Paroxysmal కర్ణిక టాచీకార్డియా

PAT Full Form or meaning in Medical sector is: Paroxysmal Atrial Tachycardia

PAT Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of PAT

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Portable Appliance Testing Telecommunication PAT
Peripheral Attribute Table Networking PAT
Port Address Translation Networking PAT
Bitmap Graphics (1bit) (patent Data) (us Patent and Trademark Office) File Type PAT
Hatch Patterns (autocad – Photostyler) File Type PAT
Polygon Attribute Table (link Geographic Locations To Databases) File Type PAT
Sound Patch (gravis Ultrasound) File Type PAT
Vector Fill Files (coreldraw) File Type PAT
Practical Application Tool Softwares PAT
Property Assignment Tool Softwares PAT
Php Administration Tools Softwares PAT
Proline Alanine and Threonine Chemistry PAT
Process Action Team Electronics PAT
Profit After Tax Accounts and Finance PAT
Problem Action Team Space Science PAT
Production Acceptance Test Space Science PAT
Portable Appliance Testbed Computer Hardware PAT
Performance Acceleration Technology Technology PAT
Principal Axis Transform Maths PAT
Point After Touchdown Sports PAT
Poisoned Arrow Trap Military and Defence PAT
Product Acceptance Test Military and Defence PAT
Preliminary Acceptance Test Military and Defence PAT
Product Assurance Test Military and Defence PAT
Physical Attack Table Military and Defence PAT
Public Affairs Team Military and Defence PAT
Pre-Agriculture Test Entrance Exam PAT
Pump Algebra Tutor Job Title PAT
Personal Assistant Technician Job Title PAT
Performance Achievement Target Job Title PAT
Pakistan Awami Tahreek Country Specific PAT
Patna Airport Code PAT

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