What is the full form of PCP?

PCP Full form Kya hay?

PCP Full Form is: Primary Care Physician

P = Primary

C = Care

P = Physician

  • Category: Medical
  • PCP Full Form in Hindi is: प्रारंभिक चिकित्सक सुरक्षा
  • PCP Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: প্রাথমিক যত্ন চিকিত্সক
  • PCP Full Form in Marathi is: प्राथमिक काळजी चिकित्सक
  • PCP Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: முதன்மை பாதுகாப்பு மருத்துவர்
  • PCP Full Form in Telegu is: ప్రాథమిక సంరక్షణా వైద్యుడు

PCP Full Form or meaning in Medical sector is: Primary Care Physician

PCP or Primary Care Physician Pronunciation

PCP Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of PCP

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Packet Chain Protocol Telecommunication PCP
Priority Ceiling Protocol Networking PCP
Pcp File Bitmap Graphics File Type PCP
Paracel Clustering Package Softwares PCP
Pattern Classification Program Softwares PCP
PALSAP Indian Railway Station PCP
Prepaid Capitation Plan Accounts and Finance PCP
Power Control Panel Space Science PCP
Program Change Proposal Space Science PCP
Project Change Proposal Space Science PCP
Project Cost Plan Space Science PCP
Payroll Compliance Practitioner Job Title PCP
Primary Care Provider Job Title PCP
Principe Airport Code PCP
Personal Control Panel Computer Hardware PCP
Probabilistically Checkable Proof Maths PCP
Portable Communications Pack Military and Defence PCP
Platoon Command Post Military and Defence PCP
Program Control Plan Military and Defence PCP
Physical Conditioning Platoon Military and Defence PCP
Pentachlorophenol Chemistry PCP
Phenyl Cycli Piperidine Chemistry PCP
Posts Correspondence Problem Messaging PCP
Post’s Correspondence Problem Messaging PCP
Perl Cron Poster Messaging PCP

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