What is the full form of SDH?

SDH Full form Kya hay?

SDH Full Form is: Subdural Hematoma

SD = Subdural

H = Hematoma

  • Category: Medical
  • SDH Full Form in Hindi is: सबड्यूरल हिमाटोमा
  • SDH Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: सबड्यूरल हिमाटोमा
  • SDH Full Form in Marathi is: सबड्यूरल हेमेटोमा
  • SDH Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: சப்டுரல் ஹீமாடோமா
  • SDH Full Form in Telegu is: సబ్డ్యూరల్ హెమటోమా

SDH Full Form or meaning in Medical sector is: Subdural Hematoma

SDH or Subdural Hematoma Pronunciation

SDH Full Form

Other names Subdural haematoma, subdural haemorrhage
Subdural hematoma as marked by the arrow with significant midline shift
Specialty Neurosurgery, Neurology
Causes head injury, Alcoholism, reduction in cerebrospinal fluid pressure
Risk factors Senescence, long-term excessive alcohol consumption, dementia, and cerebrospinal fluid leak
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Other Significant Full Form of SDH

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Synchronous Digital Hierarchy Information Technology SDH
SARADHNA Indian Railway Station SDH
Santa Rosa Copan Airport Code SDH
Smack Down Hotel Sports SDH
Software Development Handbook Space Science SDH
System Definition Handbook Space Science SDH
System Development Handbook Space Science SDH

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