What is the full form of TSA?

TSA Full Form is: Transportation Security Administration

  • Category: Medical
  • TSA Full Form in Hindi is: परिवहन सुरक्षा प्रशासन
  • TSA Full Form in Bengali is: পরিবহন নিরাপত্তা প্রশাসন
  • TSA Full Form in Marathi is: वाहतूक सुरक्षा प्रशासन
  • TSA Full Form in Tamil is: போக்குவரத்து பாதுகாப்பு நிர்வாகம்
  • TSA Full Form in Telegu is: రవాణా సెక్యూరిటీ అడ్మినిస్ట్రేషన్

Full Form or meaning of TSA In Medical sector is: Transportation Security Administration

TSA Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of TSA

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Terminating Switched Access Telecommunication TSA
Time Stamping Authority Networking TSA
Target Service Agent Networking TSA
Test Suite Administration Softwares TSA
TISUA Indian Railway Station TSA
Trisylamine Electronics TSA
Tilt Sound Activated Electronics TSA
Taipei Airport Code TSA
Tilt Sensor Activation Computer Hardware TSA
Time Series Analysis Maths TSA
Total Survey Area Earth Science TSA
Tax Sheltered Account Stock Exchange TSA
Tax Sheltered Annuity Stock Exchange TSA
Tempe Sports Authority Sports TSA
Travel Security Advisory Military and Defence TSA
The Silent Assassins Military and Defence TSA
Theater Storage Area Military and Defence TSA
Target Signature Array Military and Defence TSA
Template for Specification Authoring Military and Defence TSA
Target System Analysis Military and Defence TSA
Transition Service Agreement Messaging TSA
Turbine Supply Agreement Messaging TSA
Test Start Approval Space Science TSA


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