What is the full form of BC?

BC Full form Kya hay?

BC Full Form is: Because

  • Category: Messaging
  • BC Full Form in Hindi is: इसलिये
  • BC Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: কারণ
  • BC Full Form in Marathi is: कारण
  • BC Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: ஏனெனில்
  • BC Full Form in Telegu is: ఎందుకంటే

BC Full Form or meaning in Messaging sector is: Because

BC or Because Pronunciation

BC Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of BC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Business Correspondent Banking BC
Basic Call Computer and Networking BC
Bearer Channel Computer and Networking BC
BAREILLY CITY Indian Railway Station BC
Boron Carbide Chemistry BC
Bond Centered Chemistry BC
Buried Capacitance Electronics BC
Bias Contrast Electronics BC
Bank of Canada Banking BC
Branch Champion Banking BC
Bank Clause Banking BC
Because Messaging BC
Be Careful Messaging BC
Before Coffee Messaging BC
Be Compta Accounts and Finance BC
Before Credit Accounts and Finance BC
Budget Constraint Accounts and Finance BC
Buying Criteria Accounts and Finance BC
Battery Charger Space Science BC
Binary Counter Space Science BC
Bus Coupler Space Science BC
Before Christmas Measurement Unit BC
Baguio City Country Specific BC
Blockchain Database Management BC
Boundary Condition Maths BC
Bar Column Maths BC
Barber College Educational Institute BC
Boston College Educational Institute BC
Barnard College Educational Institute BC
Betrayal College Educational Institute BC
Backup College Educational Institute BC
Beacon College Educational Institute BC
Black Creek Earth Science BC
Black Canyon Earth Science BC
Bells Cup Sports BC
Boys Crown Sports BC
Bomber Command Military and Defence BC
Battery Commander Military and Defence BC
Base Commandant Military and Defence BC
Battle Captain Military and Defence BC
Bottom Current Military and Defence BC
Battle Command Military and Defence BC
Boundless Courage Military and Defence BC
Body Count Military and Defence BC
Committed Burst Size Telecommunication BC
Burst Copy Telecommunication BC
Bsmtp (batch Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) Connection Networking BC
Burst Committed Networking BC
Backward Compatibility Softwares BC

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