What is the full form of WYM?

WYM Full form Kya hay?

WYM Full Form is: Would You Mind

W = Would

Y = You

M = Mind

  • Category: Messaging
  • WYM Full Form in Hindi is: क्या आप
  • WYM Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: আপনি কি কিছু মনে করবেন
  • WYM Full Form in Marathi is: वूड यू माइंड
  • WYM Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: வுட் யூ மைண்ட்
  • WYM Full Form in Telegu is: నువ్వు ఏమైనా అనుకుంటావా

WYM Full Form or meaning in Messaging sector is: Would You Mind

WYM or Would You Mind Pronunciation

Audio WYM Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of WYM

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Weyack Moderator Job Title WYM
Waymar Resources, Ltd. Stock Exchange WYM
Wilmington Y Masters Swim Team Sports WYM
Website for Young Marines Military and Defence WYM
Was You and Me Messaging WYM

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