What is the full form of AFC?

AFC Full form Kya hai?

AFC Full Form is: Air Fuel Control

  • Category: Military and Defence
  • AFC Full Form in Hindi is: वायु ईंधन नियंत्रण
  • AFC Full Form in Bengali is: এয়ার ফুয়েল কন্ট্রোল
  • AFC Full Form in Marathi is: एअर इंधन नियंत्रण
  • AFC Full Form in Tamil is: एअर इंधन नियंत्रण
  • AFC Full Form in Telegu is: గాలి ఇంధన నియంత్రణ

Full Form or meaning of AFC In Military and Defence sector is: Air Fuel Control


Other Significant Full Form of AFC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Automatic Frequency Control Electronics AFC
Amateur Football Club Sports AFC
All Fierce Competition Sports AFC
Agriculture Food Consulting Job Title AFC
Astros’ Fan Club Sports AFC
Armed Forces Council Military and Defence AFC
Army Flying Club Military and Defence AFC
Air Flow Controller Physics Related AFC
Amplitude Frequency Characteristics Electronics AFC
Adult Foster Care Real Estate AFC
Association Football Club Sports AFC
Adelaide Football Corporation Sports AFC
Active Flow Control Sports AFC
Always Freaking Crashing Computer Hardware AFC
Association of Florida Colleges Educational Institute AFC
Atlantic Football Conference Sports AFC
Amplitude To Frequency Conversion Physics Related AFC
Asian Football Confederation Sports AFC
Area Frequency Coordinator Military and Defence AFC
Antennas for Communications Radio Science AFC
Average Fixed Costs Accounts and Finance AFC
Australian Flying Corps Military and Defence AFC
Aerodynamic Flight Control Space Science AFC
Automatic Flight Control Space Science AFC

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