What is the full form of DPS?

DPS Full Form Kya Hai?

DPS Full Form is: Delivery Point Sequence

  • Category: Military and Defence
  • DPS Full Form in Hindi is: वितरण बिंदु अनुक्रम
  • DPS Full Form in Bengali is: ডেলিভারি পয়েন্ট সিকোয়েন্স
  • DPS Full Form in Marathi is: वितरण बिंदू क्रम
  • DPS Full Form in Tamil is: டெலிவரி பாயின்ட் வரிசை
  • DPS Full Form in Telegu is: డెలివరీ పాయింట్ సీక్వెన్స్

Full Form or meaning of DPS In Military and Defence sector is: Delivery Point Sequence


Other Significant Full Form of DPS

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Drug Payment Stage Accounts and Finance DPS
Dual Power System Space Science DPS
Data Products Specification Space Science DPS
Doctor of Professional Studies Educational Degree DPS
Data Protection System Database Management DPS
Device Power Supply Computer Hardware DPS
Dual Power Source Computer Hardware DPS
Distributed Print Service Networking DPS
Digital Personal Studio Softwares DPS
DANGOAPOSI Indian Railway Station DPS
Deep Penetrating Solution Chemistry DPS
Double Pole Switch Electronics DPS
Display Process Status Electronics DPS
Digital Pulse Sampling Electronics DPS
Dynamic Path Selection Networking DPS
Directory Proxy Server Networking DPS
Dynamic Packet State Networking DPS
Division for Planetary Sciences of The American Astronomical Society Space Science DPS
Data Processing System Space Science DPS
Design Problem Space Maths DPS
Dividends Per Share Stock Exchange DPS
Daytona Pole Smokers Sports DPS
Director of Personal Services Job Title DPS
Denpasar Bali Airport Code DPS
Digital Pixel System Computer Hardware DPS
Data Partitioned Slice Computer and Networking DPS
Dynamic Power Save Computer and Networking DPS
Department of Public Safety Medical DPS
Distance Per Stroke Sports DPS
Defence Policy Staff Military and Defence DPS
Digital Production System Military and Defence DPS
Data Processing Set Military and Defence DPS
Damage Per Second Military and Defence DPS
Data Processing Segment Space Science DPS
Decisions Per Second Measurement Unit DPS
Disintegrations Per Second Measurement Unit DPS


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