What is the full form of TR?

TR Full Form Kya Hai?

TR Full Form is: Technical Recommendation

  • Category: Military and Defence
  • TR Full Form in Hindi is: तकनीकी सिफारिश
  • TR Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: প্রযুক্তিগত সুপারিশ
  • TR Full Form in Marathi is: तांत्रिक शिफारस
  • TR Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: தொழில்நுட்ப பரிந்துரை
  • TR Full Form in Telegu is: సాంకేతిక సిఫార్సు

Full Form or meaning of TR and Military and Defence sector is: Technical Recommendation


Other Significant Full Form of TR

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Technical Requirement Military and Defence TR
Total Reserves Military and Defence TR
Transit and Refers Military and Defence TR
Test Report Military and Defence TR
Trouble Report Military and Defence TR
Tripura Indian State TR
Technical Report Computer and Networking TR
Technical Requirements (TIA committee) Computer and Networking TR
Telecommunications Room Computer and Networking TR
Turkey Country Names TR
Turbo Debugger for Dos Session-state Settings File File Type TR
Unformatted Manual Page (roff/nroff/troff/groff) File Type TR
TARU Indian Railway Station TR
Transmit Receive Reletype Military and Defence TR
Training Routine Military and Defence TR
Tactical Reconnaissance Military and Defence TR
Target Rifle Military and Defence TR
Temporal Reference Computer and Networking TR
Transmit Ready Computer and Networking TR
Table Row Chemistry TR
Transmitter / Receiver Electronics TR
Trust Banking Tr.
Totally Rejected Messaging TR
Technical Review Space Science TR
Test Request Space Science TR
Thrust Reverser Space Science TR
Time To Retrofire Space Science TR
Total Revenue Accounts and Finance TR
Technical Release Accounts and Finance TR
Trust Receipt Accounts and Finance TR
Time Reactor Physics Related TR
Takers Or Receivers Sports TR
Team Rocket Sports TR

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