What is the full form of BR?

BR Full form Kya hay?

BR Full Form is: Best Regards

  • Category: Miscellaneous
  • BR Full Form in Hindi is: सादर
  • BR Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: শুভেচ্ছান্তে
  • BR Full Form in Marathi is: हार्दिक शुभेच्छा
  • BR Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: வாழ்த்துகள்
  • BR Full Form in Telegu is: శుభాకాంక్షలు

BR Full Form or meaning in Miscellaneous sector is: Best Regards

BR or Best Regards Pronunciation

BR Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of BR

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Bihar Indian State BR
Brazil Country Names BR
Basic Rate Telecommunication BR
Buffered Regular Networking BR
BANDH BARETA Indian Railway Station BR
Bromine Chemistry Br
Booster Ring Space Science BR
Bit Rate Space Science BR
By Rows Computer Assembly Language BR
Before Read Computer Assembly Language BR
Before Return Computer Assembly Language BR
Bounding Region Maths BR
Branching Ratio Maths BR
Bounding Rectangle Maths BR
Braid Representative Maths BR
Basic Region Earth Science BR
Barnes Reinecke Physics Related BR
Bubble Renormalized Physics Related BR
Bench Rest Sports BR
Barrel Racing Sports BR
Before Restart Sports BR
Battle Race Sports BR
Break Rule Sports BR
Blanket Roll Military and Defence BR
Battle Royale Military and Defence BR
Bombing Run Military and Defence BR
Budget Review Military and Defence BR
Omnis7 Data File File Type BR
Bridge Software Script File File Type BR
Bug Report Softwares BR
Line Break Softwares BR
Bridge Return Electronics BR
Branch Banking Br
Branch Representative Banking BR
Bunny Rabbit Messaging BR
Best Reply Messaging BR
Bullring Messaging BR

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