What is the full form of CMR?

CMR Full form Kya hay?

CMR Full Form is: California Management Review

C = California

M = Management

R = Review

  • Category: Miscellaneous
  • CMR Full Form in Hindi is: कैलिफोर्निया प्रबंधन समीक्षा
  • CMR Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: ক্যালিফোর্নিয়া ব্যবস্থাপনা পর্যালোচনা
  • CMR Full Form in Marathi is: कॅलिफोर्निया व्यवस्थापन पुनरावलोकन
  • CMR Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: கலிபோர்னியா மேலாண்மை விமர்சனம்
  • CMR Full Form in Telegu is: కాలిఫోర్నియా మేనేజ్‌మెంట్ రివ్యూ

CMR Full Form or meaning in Miscellaneous sector is: California Management Review

CMR Full Form

Discipline Management, Business
Language English
Edited by David Vogel
Publication details
History 1958-present
SAGE Publishing for the Haas School of Business (United States)
Frequency Quarterly
Impact factor
8.836 (2020)
Standard abbreviations
ISO 4 Calif. Manag. Rev.
Source Website

Other Significant Full Form of CMR

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Cameroon Country ISO Code CMR
Critical Message Rate Networking CMR
Cancel Move Request Softwares CMR
CHAMROLA Indian Railway Station CMR
Colmar Airport Code CMR
Certificate of Maintenance Review Certifications CMR
Clear Master Relay Computer Hardware CMR
Care Management Resources Business Management CMR
California Management Review Business Management CMR
Claims Management Resources Business Management CMR
Convention Management Resources Business Management CMR
Canadian Military Rifle Military and Defence CMR
Cargo Movement Requirement Military and Defence CMR
Command Routing (table) Military and Defence CMR
Contractor Management Reserve Military and Defence CMR
Civil Military Relations Military and Defence CMR
Consolidated Memorandum Receipt Military and Defence CMR
Common Mode Rejection Electronics CMR
Common Mode Range Electronics CMR
Center Materials Representative Space Science CMR
Configuration Management Regulation Space Science CMR
Council-certified Microbial Remediator Job Title CMR
Certified Medical Representative Job Title CMR
Certified Marketing Representative Job Title CMR

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