What is the full form of TPM?

TPM Full Form is: Total Productive Maintenance

  • Category: Miscellaneous
  • TPM Full Form in Hindi is: कुल उत्पादक रखरखाव
  • TPM Full Form in Bengali is: মোট উত্পাদনশীল রক্ষণাবেক্ষণ
  • TPM Full Form in Marathi is: एकूण उत्पादक देखभाल
  • TPM Full Form in Tamil is: ஒட்டுமொத்த உற்பத்தி பராமரிப்பு
  • TPM Full Form in Telegu is: మొత్తం ఉత్పాదక నిర్వహణ

Full Form or meaning of TPM In Miscellaneous sector is: Total Productive Maintenance


Other Significant Full Form of TPM

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Transfer Process Monitor Networking TPM
TOTIYAPALAYAM Indian Railway Station TPM
Tivoli Provisioning Manager Softwares TPM
Talking Points Memo Military and Defence TPM
Total Particulate Matter Chemistry TPM
Technical Performance Measurement (system) Space Science TPM
Tree Pattern Matching Softwares TPM
Terminal Phase Midcourse Space Science TPM
Transactions Per Minute Measurement Unit TPM
Technical Project Manager Job Title TPM
Trusted Platform Module Computer Hardware TPM
Technical Performance Measurement Military and Defence TPM
Terminal Phase Maneuver Space Science TPM
Total Productive Maintenance Military and Defence TPM
Transfer Phase Midcourse Space Science TPM
Technical Performance Management Military and Defence TPM


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