What is the full form of CLC?

CLC Full form Kya hay?

CLC Full Form is: Communities Liaison Committee

C = Communities

L = Liaison

C = Committee

  • Category: Organizational
  • CLCFull Form in Hindi is: समुदाय संपर्क समिति
  • CLC Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: কমিউনিটি লিয়াজোন কমিটি
  • CLC Full Form in Marathi is: समुदाय संपर्क समिती
  • CLC Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: சமூக தொடர்பு குழு
  • CLC Full Form in Telegu is: కమ్యూనిటీల అనుసంధాన కమిటీ

CLC Full Form or meaning in Organizational sector is: Communities Liaison Committee

CLC or Communities Liaison Committee Pronunciation

CLC Full Form

The full form of CLC is the acronym for “Community Learning Centres”. The CLC office was set up in 1945 with the aim of improving worker welfare, settling industrial disputes and enforcing labor laws. Although the agency began on a modest scale, it has since grown into a global organization.

The CLC is a governing body that regulates many different industries. In addition to regulating the laws, it appoints inspectors and evaluates the financial power of organizations. It also provides feedback to the government on issues related to industrial relations


Member Notes  
1 Malcolm MacDonald Governor-General of British territories in Southeast Asia
2 E.E.C. Thuraisingham Ceylonese representative
Malay Representative
3 Onn Jaafar Menteri Besar of Johor, President of UMNO
4 Dato’ Abdul Wahab Abdul Aziz Menteri Besar of Perak
5 Mohd. Salleh Hakim Member of Selangor State Legislative Council
6 Dr. Mustapha Osman Member of UMNO Working Committee
7 Zainal Abidin Haji Abas Secretary-General of UMNO
Chinese Representative
8 Tan Cheng Lock Melaka
9 Lee Tiang Keng Penang
10 C.C Tan Singapore
11 Yong Shook Lin Selangor
12 Roland Braddell European representative
13 L.R. Doraisamy Iyer Indian representative
14 Dr. J.S. Goonting Serani people representative
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Other Significant Full Form of CLC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Chief Labour Commissioner Indian Ministry of Labour and Employment Organization CLC
Command Line Calculator Softwares CLC
CHALALA Indian Railway Station CLC
Clearlake (tx) Airport Code CLC
Certified Lactation Counselor Certifications CLC
Clear Carry Flag Computer Assembly Language CLC
Central Logic Controller Computer Hardware CLC
Closed Loop Color Computer Hardware CLC
College of Lake County Educational Institute CLC
Central Lakes College Educational Institute CLC
Capillary Liquid Chromatography Physics Related CLC
Community Living Center Real Estate CLC
C Stock Exchange CLC
Community Learning Center Military and Defence CLC
Chinese Labour Corps Military and Defence CLC
Cross Linked Cellulose Chemistry CLC
Cholesteric Liquid Crystal Chemistry CLC
Cancel Lot Cycle Electronics CLC
Change Letter Control Space Science CLC
Critical Load Cycle Space Science CLC

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