What is the full form of LSI?

LSI Full form Kya hay?

LSI Full Form is: Labour and Socialist International

L = Labour and

S = Socialist

I = International

  • Category: Organizational
  • LSI Full Form in Hindi is: लेबर एंड सोशलिस्ट इंटरनेशनल
  • LSI Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: শ্রম ও সমাজতান্ত্রিক আন্তর্জাতিক
  • LSI Full Form in Marathi is: कामगार आणि समाजवादी आंतरराष्ट्रीय
  • LSI Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: தொழிலாளர் மற்றும் சோசலிச சர்வதேசம்
  • LSI Full Form in Telegu is: లేబర్ అండ్ సోషలిస్ట్ ఇంటర్నేషనల్

LSI Full Form or meaning in Organizational sector is: Labour and Socialist International

LSI Full Form

Labour and Socialist International
Founded 21 May 1923
Dissolved 3 April 1940
Ideology Social democracy Democratic socialism
Political position Centre-left to left-wing
Colors   Red
Preceded by
  • Second International
  • Vienna International
Succeeded by Socialist International
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Other Significant Full Form of LSI

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Large-Scale Integration Information Technology LSI
Large Spark Ignited Measurement Unit LSI
Land Surveyor Intern Job Title LSI
Shetland Islands Airport Code LSI
Latent Semantic Indexing Database Management LSI
Local Secondary Indexes Database Management LSI
Legal Secretaries Incorporated Maths LSI
Lead Systems Integrator Military and Defence LSI
Loop Start Interface Telecommunication LSI
LAHERIA SARAI Indian Railway Station LSI
Langier Saturation Index Chemistry LSI
Large Scale Integration Electronics LSI

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