What is the full form of NADA?

NADA Full form Kya hay?

NADA Full Form is: National Anti-Doping Agency

N = National

A = Anti

D = Doping

A = Agency

  • Category: Organizational
  • NADA Full Form in Hindi is: राष्ट्रीय डोपिंग रोधी एजेंसी
  • NADA Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: ন্যাশনাল এন্টি ডোপিং এজেন্সি
  • NADA Full Form in Marathi is: नॅशनल अँटी डोपिंग एजन्सी
  • NADA Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: தேசிய ஊக்கமருந்து எதிர்ப்பு நிறுவனம்
  • NADA Full Form in Telegu is: నేషనల్ యాంటీ డోపింగ్ ఏజెన్సీ

NADA Full Form or meaning in Organizational sector is: National Anti-Doping Agency

NADA Full Form

Formation 24 November 2005; 16 years ago
Type Non-profit
Purpose Anti-doping in sports
Official language
English Hindi
Minister of Sports (India)
Affiliations Indian Olympic Committee
Headquarters New Delhi, India
Region served
Source Website

Other Significant Full Form of NADA

Full Form Short Form or Acronym
Noble Admirable Dazzling Adept Nada
Nice Attractive Diplomatic Admirable Nada
Neat Adorable Disciplined Ambitious Nada
Natural Ambitious Delightful Attractive Nada
Neutral Adept Decent Adorable Nada

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