What is the full form of NPC?

NPC Full form Kya hay?

NPC Full Form is: National Productivity Council

N = National

P = Productivity

C = Council

  • Category: Organizational
  • NPC Full Form in Hindi is: राष्ट्रीय उत्पादकता परिषद
  • NPC Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: জাতীয় উৎপাদনশীলতা পরিষদ
  • NPC Full Form in Marathi is: राष्ट्रीय उत्पादकता परिषद
  • NPC Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: தேசிய உற்பத்தி கவுன்சில்
  • NPC Full Form in Telegu is: జాతీయ ఉత్పాదక మండలి

NPC Full Form or meaning in Organizational sector is: National Productivity Council

NPC or National Productivity Council Pronunciation

NPC Full Form

Nickname NPC
Formation 1958; 63 years ago
Type Autonomous
Key people
Sh. Piyush Goyal (President)Dr. Guruprasad Mohapatra (Chairman) Sh. Arun Kumar Jha (Director General)
Purpose Contribute to the sustainable, inclusive socioeconomic development of the country by enhancing productivity.
Headquarters New Delhi, India

Other Significant Full Form of NPC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Nonproliferation Center Military and Defence NPC
Normalized Projection Coordinates Military and Defence NPC
Net Present Cost Accounts and Finance NPC
Nasa Publication Control Space Science NPC
Nitrogen Purge Control Space Science NPC
Normal Plane Change Maneuver Space Science NPC
Non Programmable Character Computer Assembly Language NPC
Nuclear Pore Complex Physics Related NPC
National Provincial Championship Sports NPC
New Player Character Sports NPC
Non Player Character Sports NPC
Non Player Controlled Sports NPC
Natural Posing Character Sports NPC
Non Playing Character Sports NPC
National Physique Committee Sports NPC
No Parental Consent Sports NPC
Non-positive Curvature Maths NPC
Northland Pioneer College Educational Institute NPC

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