What is the full form of GB?

GB Full Form is: Grain Boundary

  • Category: Physics
  • GB Full Form in Hindi is: अनाज की सीमा
  • GB Full Form in Bengali is: শস্য সীমানা
  • GB Full Form in Marathi is: धान्य सीमा
  • GB Full Form in Tamil is: தானிய எல்லை
  • GB Full Form in Telegu is: ధాన్యం సరిహద్దు

Full Form or meaning of GB In Physics sector is: Grain Boundary

GB Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of GB

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Games Behind Sports GB
Game Boy Sports GB
Gets Beaten Sports GB
Group Buffer Military and Defence GB
Sarin, A Nerve Agent Military and Defence GB
Gigabit Information Technology Gb
Gigabyte Information Technology GB
United Kingdom Country Names GB
GAURI BAZAR Indian Railway Station GB
Gigabytes Electronics GB
Gigabits Electronics Gb
Good Bye Messaging GB
Going Bananas Messaging GB
Gorgeous Brute Messaging GB
Give Back Accounts and Finance GB
Golfkl Bbur Measurement Unit GB
Gradient Based Maths GB
Generalized Bremsstrahlung Maths GB
Green Bay Earth Science GB
Chinese Text File Type GB
Gameboy Game File Type GB
Group Build Softwares GB
Google Box Softwares GB


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