What is the full form of STC?

STC Full form Kya hay?

STC Full Form is: Sound Transmission Class

S = Sound

T = Transmission

C = Class

  • Category: Physics
  • STC Full Form in Hindi is: ध्वनि संचरण वर्ग
  • STC Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: সাউন্ড ট্রান্সমিশন ক্লাস
  • STC Full Form in Marathi is: ध्वनी प्रेषण वर्ग
  • STC Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: ஒலி பரிமாற்ற வகுப்பு
  • STC Full Form in Telegu is: సౌండ్ ట్రాన్స్మిషన్ క్లాస్

STC Full Form or meaning in Physics sector is: Sound Transmission Class

STC or Sound Transmission Class Pronunciation

STC Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of STC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Sensitivity Time Control Electronics STC
Student Technology Consultant Job Title STC
Saint Cloud (mn) Airport Code STC
Set Carry Flag Computer Assembly Language STC
System Time Clock Computer Hardware STC
Silicon Trigger Card Computer Hardware STC
Simon Technology Center Technology STC
Science and Technology Centers Technology STC
Science Technology Concepts Technology STC
Science and Technology Concepts Technology STC
St Theresas College Educational Institute STC
Southeastern Technical College Educational Institute STC
Sha Tin College Educational Institute STC
St. Theresas College Educational Institute STC
South Texas College Educational Institute STC
Shoot The Commie Military and Defence STC
Spare Tire Carrier Military and Defence STC
Subject To Classification Military and Defence STC
Secondary Traffic Channel Military and Defence STC
Soviet Tank Crusade Military and Defence STC
Shoot The Chinks Military and Defence STC
State Trading Corporation of India Limited Miniratna Central Public Sector Enterprise STC
Sub-Technical Committee (ETSI) Computer and Networking STC
Signaling Transport Converter Telecommunication STC
Software Technology Center Softwares STC
Standard Test Conditions Softwares STC
SANTA CRUZ Indian Railway Station STC
Spacecraft Test Conductor Space Science STC
Standard Test Configuration Space Science STC
Systems Test Complex Space Science STC
Satellite Test Center Space Science STC

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