What is the full form of ATS?

ATS Full Form is: Anti-Terrorism Squad

  • Category: Police
  • ATS Full Form in Hindi is: आतंकवाद विरोधी दस्ता
  • ATS Full Form in Bengali is: সন্ত্রাসবিরোধী স্কোয়াড
  • ATS Full Form in Marathi is: दहशतवाद विरोधी पथक
  • ATS Full Form in Tamil is: பயங்கரவாத எதிர்ப்புப் படை
  • ATS Full Form in Telegu is: యాంటీ టెర్రరిజం స్క్వాడ్

Full Form or meaning of ATS In Police sector is: Anti-Terrorism Squad


Other Significant Full Form of ATS

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Abstract Test Suite Computer and Networking ATS
Assigned Time Slot Computer and Networking ATS
Automatic Transfer Switch Telecommunication ATS
Asynchronous Time Sharing Networking ATS
ATTABIRA Indian Railway Station ATS
Apple Type Services Softwares ATS
At Title Screen Computer Assembly Language ATS
Absolute Time Sequence Electronics ATS
Artesia (nm) Airport Code ATS
Across The Scope Military and Defence ATS
Association Technology Solutions Technology ATS
Advanced Technology Services Technology ATS
Alternative Trading System Stock Exchange ATS
Against The Spread Sports ATS
Airborne Tactical Sigint Military and Defence ATS
Anti-terrorist Squad Military and Defence ATS
Annual Training Site Military and Defence ATS
Air Traffic Services Military and Defence ATS
Anti Terrorism Squad Police Force ATS
Advanced Tracking Sensor Military and Defence ATS
Air Traffic Service Military and Defence ATS
Assign Terminal Service Military and Defence ATS

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