What is the full form of AITC?

AITC Full form Kya hay?

AITC Full Form is: All India Trinamool Congress

A = All

I = India

T = Trinamool

C = Congress

  • Category: Politics
  • AITC Full Form in Hindi is: अखिल भारतीय तृणमूल कांग्रेस
  • AITC Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: সর্বভারতীয় তৃণমূল কংগ্রেস
  • AITC Full Form in Marathi is: ऑल इंडिया तृणमूल काँग्रेस
  • AITC Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: அகில இந்திய திரிணாமுல் காங்கிரஸ்
  • AITC Full Form in Telegu is: ఆల్ ఇండియా తృణమూల్ కాంగ్రెస్

AITC Full Form or meaning in Politics sector is: All India Trinamool Congress

AITC or All India Trinamool Congress Pronunciation

AITC Full Form Other significant All India Trinamool Congress acronym is TMC

Abbreviation AITC
President Subrata Bakshi
Chairperson Mamata Banerjee (CM of West Bengal)
General Secretary Abhishek Banerjee
Parliamentary Chairperson Sudip Bandyopadhyay
Lok Sabha leader Sudip Bandyopadhyay
Rajya Sabha leader Derek O’ Brien
Headquarters 30B Harish Chatterjee Street, Kolkata 700026
Newspaper Jago Bangla (Bengali)
Student wing Trinamool Chaatra Parishad
Youth wing All India Trinamool Youth Congress
Women’s wing All India Trinamool Mahila Congress
Labour wing All India Trinamool Trade Union Congress
Peasant’s wing All India Trinamool Kisan Congress
Ideology Secularism[1] Populism[1][2] Progressivism[3]
Political position Centre-left[1]
Colours   Green
ECI Status National party
Alliance National Democratic Alliance (1998–2006) United Progressive Alliance (2009–2012) Federal Front (2018–2019)
Founder Mamata Banerjee
Founded 1 January 1998 (24 years ago)
Split from Indian National Congress
Seats in Lok Sabha
21 / 543
Seats in Rajya Sabha
13 / 245
Seats in State Legislative Assemblies
235 / 4,036
Indian states
Number of states and union territories in government
1 / 31
Election symbol
All India Trinamool Congress symbol 2021.svg
Party flag
All India Trinamool Congress flag (2).svg
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Other Significant Full Form of AITC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Area Instructional Technology Coordinator Job Title AITC
Army Interoperability Test Center Military and Defence AITC
Austin Information Technology Center Technology AITC

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