What is the full form of PL?

PLFull form Kya hay?

PL Full Form is: Partit Laburista

P = Partit

L = Laburista

  • Category: Politics
  • PL Full Form in Hindi is: पार्टिट लैबुरिस्टा
  • PL Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: পার্টিট লাবুরিস্তা
  • PL Full Form in Arabic is: بارتي لابوريستا
  • PL Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: பார்ட்டிட் லாபுரிஸ்டா
  • PL Full Form in Telegu is: పార్టిట్ లాబురిస్టా

PL Full Form or meaning in Politics sector is: Partit Laburista

PL or Partit Laburista Pronunciation

PL Full Form

Abbreviation PL
Leader Robert Abela
Youth wing Labour Youth Forum
  • Social democracy
  • Third Way
Political position Centre-left
European affiliation Party of European Socialists
European Parliament group Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats
Colours   Red
Anthem L-Innu tal-Partit Laburista (“Anthem of the Labour Party”)
House of Representatives
38 / 65
European Parliament
4 / 6
Local Council Seats
268 / 462
Founded 1920; 102 years ago
Headquarters 77 Triq Mile End, Hamrun
Newspaper Kullħadd
Party flag
Flag of the Labour Party
Source Website

Other Significant Full Form of PL

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Physical Layer Computer and Networking PL
Preferred Language Computer and Networking PL
Program Lock Computer and Networking PL
Powerleveling, used in online games. Internet Slang PL
Poland Country Names PL
Private Line Telecommunication PL
Packet Loss Networking PL
Print Local Networking PL
BOMBAY L.PAREL Indian Railway Station PL
Photo Luminscence Chemistry PL
Prototype Limit Electronics PL
Photo Luminescence Electronics PL
Power Level Electronics PL
Positive Low Electronics PL
Please Messaging PL
Plan Loan Accounts and Finance PL
Payload Space Science PL
Plate Space Science PL
Plug Space Science PL
Post-landing Space Science PL
Pre-launch Space Science PL
Project Leader Job Title PL
Program Line Computer Assembly Language PL
Port Link Computer Hardware PL
Programmable Logic Computer Hardware PL
Pattern Loss Computer Hardware PL
Piecewise Linear Maths PL
Power Law Maths PL
Proportional Logic Maths PL
Point and Line Maths PL
Predicate Logic Maths PL
Propositional Logic Maths PL
Physics Laboratory Physics Related PL
Planck Length Physics Related PL
Proton Loss Physics Related PL
Swimming Pool Real Estate PL
Play Live Sports PL
Pro Level Sports PL
Precision Lures Sports PL
Premier League Sports PL
Phase Line Military and Defence PL
Plans Military and Defence PL
Harvard Graphics Palette File Type PL
Perl Script Language Source Code File File Type PL
Prolog Language Source Code File File Type PL
Tex Property List Font Metric File File Type PL
Patch Level Softwares PL
Perl Library Softwares PL
Processing Layer Softwares PL
Programming Language Softwares PL
Procedural Language Softwares PL
Portable Level Softwares PL

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