What is the full form of SAD?

SAD Full Form is: Shiromani Akali Dal

  • Category: Politics
  • SAD Full Form in Hindi is: शिरोमणि अकाली दल
  • SAD Full Form in Bengali is: শিরোমণি আকালি দল
  • SAD Full Form in Marathi is: शिरोमणी अकाली दल
  • SAD Full Form in Tamil is: சிரோமணி அகாலி தளம்
  • SAD Full Form in Telegu is: శిరోమణి అకాలీదళ్

Full Form or meaning of SAD In Politics sector is: Shiromani Akali Dal

SAD Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of SAD

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Single Administrative Document Banking SAD
Sum of Absolute Differences Computer and Networking SAD
Smart Ack Dropper Networking SAD
SONADA Indian Railway Station SAD
Silicon Avalanche Diode Electronics SAD
Scientifically Aided Design Electronics SAD
Selected Area Diffraction Electronics SAD
System Analysis and Design Electronics SAD
Single, Available, and Desperate Messaging SAD
Systems Analysis and Design Computer Assembly Language SAD
Stroke and Distance Sports SAD
System Allocation Document Military and Defence SAD
Situation Awareness Display Military and Defence SAD
Space Artillery Drill Military and Defence SAD
Supply Action Date Military and Defence SAD
Search and Destroy Military and Defence SAD
Solar Array Deployment Space Science SAD
Shuttle Authorized Document Space Science SAD
Spacecraft Attitude Display Space Science SAD
Systems Allocation Document Space Science SAD
Safford (az) Airport Code SAD


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