What is the full form of APMC?

APMC Full Form is: Agricultural Produce Market Committees

  • Category: Research & Development
  • APMC Full Form in Hindi is: कृषि उपज बाजार समितियां
  • APMC Full Form in Bengali is: কৃষি উৎপাদন বাজার কমিটি
  • APMC Full Form in Marathi is: कृषी उत्पन्न बाजार समित्या
  • APMC Full Form in Tamil is: விவசாய உற்பத்தி சந்தை குழுக்கள்
  • APMC Full Form in Telegu is: వ్యవసాయ ఉత్పత్తుల మార్కెట్ కమిటీలు

Full Form or meaning of APMC In Research & Development sector is: Agricultural Produce Market Committees


Other Significant Full Form of APMC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Arizona Pest Management Center Business Management APMC
Aurora Pioneers Memorial College Educational Institute APMC
Asos Program Management Committee Military and Defence APMC
Amed Professional Managment Command Military and Defence APMC
Advanced Purchasing Management Course Military and Defence APMC
Attacks Per Melee Combat Measurement Unit APMC

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