What is the full form of DST?

DST Full form Kya hay?

DST Full Form is: Deep Space Transport

D = Deep

S = Space

T = Transport

  • Category: Space Science
  • DST Full Form in Hindi is: डीप स्पेस ट्रांसपोर्ट
  • DST Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: গভীর মহাকাশ পরিবহন
  • DST Full Form in Marathi is: खोल अंतराळ वाहतूक
  • DST Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: ஆழமான விண்வெளி போக்குவரத்து
  • DST Full Form in Telegu is: లోతైన అంతరిక్ష రవాణా

DST Full Form or meaning in Space Science sector is: Deep Space Transport

DST or Deep Space Transport Pronunciation

DST Full Form

Mission type Crewed Mars orbiter
Operator NASA
Mission duration 1–3 years
Spacecraft properties
Launch mass 100 metric tons
BOL mass Habitat: 48 tons (includes 21 tons Habitat with 26.5 tons cargo) Electric propulsion system: 24 tons Chemical propellant: 16 tons
Start of mission
Launch site LC-39B, Kennedy Space Center
Launch date Suggested shakedown: 2027 Potential Mars launch: 2037
Rocket Space Launch System (SLS)
Band Dual: radio and laser comm
Bandwidth Ka band
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Other Significant Full Form of DST

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Department of Science and Technology Indian Government DST
Daylight Saving Time Time DST
Wain (scanner Spec) Data Source Dll (win) File Type DST
DASAMPATTI Indian Railway Station DST
Dkoro Standard Time Time DST
Daylight-savings Time Time DST
Danish Standard Time Time DST
Daylight Savings Time Time DST
Double Spin Torus Maths DST
Daily Swing Top Sports DST
Defense and Special Teams Sports DST
Defense Logistics Agency (dla) Support Team Military and Defence DST
Deployment Support Team Military and Defence DST
Dry Sealed Turret Military and Defence DST
Decision Support Template Military and Defence DST
Defense Suppression Threat Military and Defence DST
Direct Support Team Military and Defence DST
Drivers Skill Trainers Military and Defence DST
Dedicated Service Tool Softwares DST
Decision Support Tool Softwares DST
Dutch Standards Target Softwares DST
Distance Measurement Unit DST
Debug Symbol Table Computer Assembly Language DST
Data Summary Tape Database Management DST
Distributed Server Technology Computer Hardware DST

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