What is the full form of SPS?

SPS Full Form is: Samples Per Second

  • Category: Space Science
  • SPS Full Form in Hindi is: प्रति सेकंड नमूने
  • SPS Full Form in Bengali is: সেকেন্ড প্রতি নমুনা
  • SPS Full Form in Marathi is: प्रति सेकंद नमुने
  • SPS Full Form in Tamil is: வினாடிக்கு மாதிரிகள்
  • SPS Full Form in Telegu is: సెకనుకు నమూనాలు

Full Form or meaning of SPS In Space Science sector is: Samples Per Second

SPS Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of SPS

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Secondary Propulsion System Space Science SPS
Service Propulsion Subsystem Space Science SPS
Shuttle Procedures Simulator Space Science SPS
Solar Power Satellite Space Science SPS
Statement of Prior Submission Space Science SPS
Symbols Per Second Space Science SPS
Service Propulsion System Space Science SPS
Solar Powered Satellite Space Science SPS
Shots Per Second Measurement Unit SPS
Wichita Falls (tx) Airport Code SPS
Speed Pure Speed Sports SPS
Software Product Specification Military and Defence SPS
System Performance Simulation Military and Defence SPS
Special Psychological Operations (psyop) Study Military and Defence SPS
Standard Positioning Service Military and Defence SPS
Standby Power Supply Military and Defence SPS
Self Preservation System Military and Defence SPS
Supplemental Programs and Services Military and Defence SPS
Signaling Protocols and Switching Computer and Networking SPS
Signaling Protocol And System Technical Committee (ETSI) Computer and Networking SPS
Series Parallel Star Networking SPS
Os/2 Database File Type SPS
Spss Language Source Code File File Type SPS
Sprint Screen Driver File Type SPS
Speech Parser State Softwares SPS
SHRIPAT SHRKHND Indian Railway Station SPS
Surface Preparation System Electronics SPS
Switching Power Supply Electronics SPS
Sableyes Posting Spree Messaging SPS
Sensor Port Signal Conditioning Computer Hardware SPS
Service Programming System Computer Hardware SPS
Serial Peripheral System Computer Hardware SPS
Speed Pad System Computer Hardware SPS


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