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What is the full form of DRS?

DRS Full form Kya hay?

DRS Full Form is: Decision Review System

D = Decision 

R = Review

S = System

  • Category: Sports & Games/Cricket
  • DRS Full Form in Hindi is: अंपायर निर्णय समीक्षा प्रणाली
  • DRS Full Acronym Form in Bengali is: আম্পায়ার সিদ্ধান্ত পর্যালোচনা পদ্ধতি
  • DRS Full Form in Marathi is: पंच निर्णय पुनरावलोकन प्रणाली
  • DRS Full Abbreviation Form in Tamil is: நடுவர் முடிவு மீளாய்வு முறைமை

DRS Full Form or meaning in Sports & Games and Cricket sector is: Decision Review System

Other significant Decision Review System acronym is UDRS

DRS or Decision Review System Pronunciation

DRS Full Form

Abbreviation DRS
Status Active
Year started 2008
First published 2008
Organization International Cricket Council (ICC)
Base standards Ball tracking: Hawk-Eye or Virtual Eye Sound analysis: Real Time Snicko Infra-red imaging: Hot Spot
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Other Significant Full Form of DRS

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Dial Return System Telecommunication DRS
Data Retrieval Server Networking DRS
Display Resource (wordperfect for Win) File Type DRS
Distributed Resource Scheduler Softwares DRS
DHARESHWAR Indian Railway Station DRS
Distraction Reduction Stabilization Space Science DRS
Deficiency Reporting System Military and Defence DRS
Division Restructuring Study Military and Defence DRS
Detainee Reporting System Military and Defence DRS
Dresden Airport Code DRS
Demand Response System Networking DRS
Distributed Resource Scheduling Networking DRS
Data Relay Satellite Space Science DRS
Data Relay Station Space Science DRS
Digital Range Safety Space Science DRS

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