What is the full form of SG?

SG Full form Kya hay?

SG Full Form is: Sanspareils Greenlands

S = Sanspareils

G = Greenlands

  • Category: Sports & Games/Companies & Corporations
  • SG Full Form in Hindi is:
  • SG Acronym Full Form in Bengali is:
  • SG Full Form in Marathi is:
  • SG Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is:
  • SG Full Form in Telegu is:

SG Full Form or meaning in Sports & Games and Companies & Corporations sector is: Sanspareils Greenlands

SG or Sanspareils Greenlands Pronunciation

SG Full Form

Industry Sporting goods
Founded 1931; 91 years ago
Founder Kedarnath Anand
Headquarters Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India
Products Cricket and sports Equipment
Number of employees
c. More than 3,000
Area served
Key people
Kailash C. Anand (Chairman) Paras Anand (CEO) Trilok N Anand (Director) Puneet Anand (Director)
Parent Sanspareils Greenlands Pvt. LTD.
Subsidiaries SG infrastructure SG sportswear
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Other Significant Full Form of SG

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
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Study Group (ITU) Computer and Networking SG
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Spheroidal Graphite Chemistry SG
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Speedy Gentleman Messaging SG
Shy Guy Messaging SG
Spree Girl Messaging SG
Single Guy Messaging SG
Standard Guage Railroad Trackage: Four-feet Eight and One Half Inches Between Inner Vertical Edges of Rails: Messaging SG
Signal Generator Space Science SG
Sound Guy Job Title SG
Security Guard Job Title SG
Stud Guy Job Title SG
Solicitor General Job Title SG
Salary Grade Job Title SG
Site God Job Title SG
Swiss-german Border Country Specific SG
Source Grep Computer Assembly Language SG
Semi-colon Group Database Management SG
Shading Group Maths SG
Sub-group Maths SG
Structured Graphics Maths SG
Second Gaussian Maths SG
Specific Gravity Physics Related SG
Straight Gutter Real Estate SG
Sea Going Military and Defence SG
Siva Gate Military and Defence SG
Suicide Girls Military and Defence SG
South Gate Military and Defence SG
Strike Group Military and Defence SG
Surgeon General Military and Defence SG
Suicidal Grenadiers Military and Defence SG
Sturm Gewehr Military and Defence SG
Surface Search, General Military and Defence SG
Singapore Country Names SG
Supergroup Telecommunication SG
Solution Generator Softwares SG
Smart Generation Softwares SG
Small Game Sports SG
Shooting Guard Sports SG
Super G Sports SG
Sega Game Sports SG

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