What is the full form of ADT?

ADT Full form Kya hai?

ADT Full Form is: Abstract Data Type

  • Category: Technology
  • ADT Full Form in Hindi is: सार डेटा प्रकार
  • ADT Full Form in Bengali is: বিমূর্ত ডেটা টাইপ
  • ADT Full Form in Marathi is: अमूर्त डेटा प्रकार
  • ADT Full Form in Tamil is: சுருக்க தரவு வகை
  • ADT Full Form in Telegu is: వియుక్త డేటా రకం

Full Form or meaning of ADT and Technology sector is: Abstract Data Type


Other Significant Full Form of ADT

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Automatic Double Tracking Military and Defence ADT
Army Dependants’ Trust (uk) Military and Defence ADT
Adtech Fax Document File Type ADT
Active Duty for Training Military and Defence ADT
Arabia Daylight Time Time ADT
Android Development Tools Softwares ADT
Dictionary (lingvo) File Type ADT
Applied Diagnostic Techniques Electronics ADT
Atlantic Daylight Time Time ADT
Average Daily Trips Measurement Unit ADT
Ada (ok) Airport Code ADT
Assign Digital Transmission Group Military and Defence ADT
Automatic Digital Tester Military and Defence ADT
Aminet Download Tool Softwares ADT
Array Display Tool Softwares ADT
ADUTURAI Indian Railway Station ADT
Asynchronous Data Teleservice Computer and Networking ADT
Hp Newwave Cardfile Application Datafile File Type ADT
Active Directory Tools Softwares ADT

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