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What is the full form of CMM?

CMM Full form Kya hay?

CMM Full Form is: Coordinate Measuring Machine

C = Coordinate

M = Measuring

M = Machine

  • Category: Technology/Instruments & Devices
  • CMM Full Form in Chinese is: 三次元量床
  • CMM Full Form in Japanese is: 三次元測定機
  • CMM Full Form in French is: Machine à mesurer tridimensionnelle
  • CMM Full Form in Italian is: Macchina di misura a coordinate

CMM Full Form or meaning in Technology and Instruments & Devices sector is: Coordinate Measuring Machine

CMM or Coordinate Measuring Machine Pronunciation

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Other Significant Full Form of CMM

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Capability Maturity Model General CMM
Cable Management Module Telecommunication CMM
Condition Monitored Maintenance Space Science CMM
Carmelita Airport Code CMM
Calls, Minimums, Maximums Telecommunication CMM
Cmm Script (cenvi) File Type CMM
Call Me Maybe Messaging CMM
Customer Message Management Business Management CMM
Cargo Movement Module Military and Defence CMM
Communist Military Machines Military and Defence CMM
Certified Medical Manager Certifications CMM
Color Management Module Computer Hardware CMM
Certification In Meeting Management Business Management CMM

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