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What is the full form of CRT?

CRT Full form Kya hay?

CRT Full Form is: Cathode Ray Tube

C = Cathode

R = Ray

T = Tube

  • Category: Technology/Display & Graphics
  • CRT Full Form in Hindi is: कैथोड रे ट्यूब
  • CRT Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: ক্যাথোড রশ্মি নল
  • CRT Full Form in Marathi is: कॅथोड रे ट्यूब
  • CRT Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: கத்தோட் கதிர் குழாய்
  • CRT Full Form in Telegu is: కాథోడ్ రే ట్యూబ్

CRT Full Form or meaning in Technology and Display & Graphics sector is: Cathode Ray Tube

CRT or Cathode Ray Tube Pronunciation

CRT Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of CRT

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Chinese Remainder Theorem Computer and Networking CRT
Combined Rlogin and Telnet Telecommunication CRT
Computer Resource Teacher Networking CRT
Certified Respiratory Therapist Job Title CRT
Crossett (ar) Airport Code CRT
Control Return True Computer Assembly Language CRT
Criterion Referenced Test Maths CRT
Cedar River Trail Earth Science CRT
Conformal Radiation Therapy Physics Related CRT
Currency Resilience Trading Stock Exchange CRT
Charitable Remainder Trust Stock Exchange CRT
Contingency Response Team Military and Defence CRT
Counter Rotating Tines Military and Defence CRT
Internet Security Certificate File Type CRT
Oracle Terminal Settings Information File File Type CRT
Crystal Resolution Technology Electronics CRT
Cathode-ray Tube Space Science CRT

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