What is the full form of DJ?

DJ Full Form is: Disc Jockey

  • Category: Technology
  • DJ Full Form in Hindi is: डिस्क जॉकी
  • DJ Full Form in Bengali is: ডিস্ক জকি
  • DJ Full Form in Marathi is: डिस्क जॉकी
  • DJ Full Form in Tamil is: டிஸ்க் ஜாக்கி
  • DJ Full Form in Telegu is: సంగీత మేళన విభావరి

Full Form or meaning of DJ In Technology sector is: Disc Jockey


Other Significant Full Form of DJ

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Disc Jockey General DJ
Doesn’t Jam Computer Hardware DJ
DARJEELING Indian Railway Station DJ
Distribution Junction Electronics DJ
Dull Jerk Messaging DJ
Dynamic Job Job Title DJ
Disinterested Jerk Messaging DJ
Dynamite Jumper Job Title DJ
Day Job Job Title DJ
Digital Jockey Job Title DJ
Dumb Jock Sports DJ
De Janeiro Country Specific DJ
Dumb Jerk Messaging DJ
Double Jumping Sports DJ
Double Jump Sports DJ
Dispatch Jeep Military and Defence DJ
Djibouti Country Names DJ


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