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What is the full form of DLP?

DLP Full form Kya hay?

DLP Full Form is: Digital Light Processing

D = Digital

L = Light

P = Processing

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  • DLP Full Form in Chinese is: 数字光处理
  • DLP Full Acronym Form in Portuguese is: Processamento Digital de luz
  • DLP Full Form in Russian is: цифровая обработка света
  • DLP Full Abbreviation Form in Tamil is: أجهزة عرض المعالجة الرقمية للض

DLP Full Form or meaning in Technology and Tech Terms sector is: Digital Light Processing

DLP or Digital Light Processing Pronunciation

DLP Full Form

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Other Significant Full Form of DLP

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Data loss protection Information Technology DLP
Data Protocol (H.DLP) Computer and Networking DLP
Desktop Link Protocol Networking DLP
Discrete Logarithm Problem Maths DLP
Disjunctive Logic Programming Maths DLP
Data Link Processor Military and Defence DLP
Doctrinal Literature Program Military and Defence DLP
Data Leakage Preventation Softwares DLP
DALPATPUR Indian Railway Station DLP
Digital Light Processing Electronics DLP
Disneyland Paris Airport Code DLP

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