What is the full form of EOL?

EOL Full form Kya hay?

EOL Full Form is: Encyclopedia Of Life

E = Encyclopedia

O = Of

L = Life

  • Category: Technology
  • EOL Full Form in Hindi is: जीवन का विश्वकोश
  • EOL Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: এনসাইক্লোপিডিয়া অফ লাইফ
  • EOL Full Form in Marathi is: जीवनाचा विश्वकोश
  • EOL Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: என்சைக்ளோபீடியா ஆஃப் லைஃப்
  • EOL Full Form in Telegu is: ఎన్సైక్లోపీడియా ఆఫ్ లైఫ్

EOL Full Form or meaning in Technology sector is: Encyclopedia Of Life

EOL Full Form

Type of site
Available in
19 languages
Created by Field Museum Harvard University MacArthur Foundation Marine Biological Laboratory Missouri Botanical Garden Sloan Foundation Smithsonian Institution
Commercial No
Registration Optional
Launched February 26, 2008; 14 years ago
Current status Active
Source Website

Other Significant Full Form of EOL

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
End of Line Information Technology EOL
End of Line (T.4) Computer and Networking EOL
Elite Online League Sports EOL
End of Link Military and Defence EOL
End of Life Internet Slang EOL
End of List Networking EOL

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