What is the full form of IM?

IM Full form Kya hay?

IM Full Form is: Instant Messaging

I = Instant

M = Messaging

  • Category: Technology
  • IM Full Form in Hindi is: तात्कालिक संदेशन
  • IM Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: তাৎক্ষণিক বার্তা আদান প্রদান
  • IM Full Form in Marathi is: त्वरित संदेशवहन
  • IM Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: உடனடி செய்தி
  • IM Full Form in Telegu is: తక్షణ సందేశ

IM Full Form or meaning in Technology sector is: Instant Messaging

IM Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of IM

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Inter-modulation Computer and Networking IM
Internet Multimedia (3GPP) Computer and Networking IM
Isle of Man Country Names IM
Intramuscular Medical IM
Instant Message Networking IM
Internet Messaging Networking IM
Bitmap Graphics (sun Raster File) File Type IM
Instant Messanger Softwares IM
In The Module Softwares IM
Instant Money Accounts and Finance IM
Information Memory Space Science IM
Inner Marker Space Science IM
Instrument Module Space Science IM
Interface Module Space Science IM
Interim Mission Space Science IM
Intermediate Moisture Space Science IM
Inverse Maneuver Space Science IM
Item Manager Job Title IM
Independent Musician Job Title IM
Intermediate Modulation Radio Science IM
Individually Modulated Radio Science IM
Information Model Database Management IM
Intellimouse Computer Hardware IM
Intermediate Modulus Maths IM
Investment Management Business Management IM
Interactive Management Business Management IM
Investment Management Business Management IM
Iron Man Sports IM
Individual Medley Sports IM
Insensitive Munition Military and Defence IM
Independent Mode Military and Defence IM
Item Maintenance Military and Defence IM
Insensitive Munitions Military and Defence IM
Information Management Military and Defence IM
Interim Maintenance Military and Defence IM
Integrally Mounted Military and Defence IM
Integrated Model Electronics IM
Instrument Management Electronics IM
Impedance Matcher Electronics IM
Intellectually Mild Messaging IM
Interrupt Me Messaging IM

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