What is the full form of SLC?

SLC Full form Kya hay?

SLC Full Form is: Subscriber Loop Carrier

S = Subscriber

L = Loop

C = Carrier

  • Category: Telecommunication
  • SLC Full Form in Hindi is: सब्सक्राइबर लूप कैरियर
  • SLC Acronym Full Form in Bengali is: গ্রাহক লুপ ক্যারিয়ার
  • SLC Full Form in Marathi is: सदस्य लूप वाहक
  • SLC Abbreviation Full Form in Tamil is: சந்தாதாரர் லூப் கேரியர்
  • SLC Full Form in Telegu is: సబ్‌స్క్రైబర్ లూప్ క్యారియర్

SLC Full Form or meaning in Telecommunication sector is: Subscriber Loop Carrier

SLC or Subscriber Loop Carrier Pronunciation

SLC Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of SLC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Start of Layer Data Computer and Networking SLC
Subscriber Line Concentrator Telecommunication SLC
Service Level Contract Telecommunication SLC
Synchronous Link Control Networking SLC
Telix Compiled Salt Script File Type SLC
Software Life Cycle Softwares SLC
Erno (entwicklungts Ring Nord Organization) Spacelab Project Control Space Science SLC
Shuttle Launch Complex (vandenburg Air Force Base) Space Science SLC
Space Launch Complex Space Science SLC
Scan Line Corrector Space Science SLC
Senior Logistics Consultant Job Title SLC
Salt Lake City Country Specific SLC
Salt Lake City (ut) Airport Code SLC
Set Location Counter Computer Assembly Language SLC
Small Logic Controller Computer Hardware SLC
Signal Loss Compensator Computer Hardware SLC
Sarah Lawrence College Educational Institute SLC
Slit Loss Correction Physics Related SLC
Satellite Laser Communications Military and Defence SLC
Single Line Concept Military and Defence SLC
Sound Level Conversion Electronics SLC
Single Layer Coating Electronics SLC
Speaker Lead Compensator Electronics SLC
Surface Laminar Circuit Electronics SLC
Sight Letter of Credit Accounts and Finance SLC

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