What is the full form of VT?

VT Full Form is: Virtual Tributary Signal

  • Category: Telecommunication
  • VT Full Form in Hindi is: आभासी सहायक नदी संकेत
  • VT Full Form in Bengali is: ভার্চুয়াল ট্রিবিউটারি সিগন্যাল
  • VT Full Form in Marathi is: व्हर्च्युअल ट्रिब्युटरी सिग्नल
  • VT Full Form in Tamil is: விர்ச்சுவல் ட்ரிப்யூடரி சிக்னல்
  • VT Full Form in Telegu is: వర్చువల్ ట్రిబ్యూటరీ సిగ్నల్

Full Form or meaning of VT In Telecommunication sector is: Virtual Tributary Signal

VT Full Form

Other Significant Full Form of VT

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Virtual Tape Softwares VT
Verifiers Toolkit Softwares VT
Virtualization Technology Softwares VT
Verifier’s Toolkit Softwares VT
Video Toolbox Softwares VT
Version Tracker Softwares VT
Vertical Twin Electronics VT
Vision Technology Electronics VT
Video Tracker Electronics VT
Variational Technology Electronics VT
Voltage Transient Electronics VT
Voltage Transformer Electronics VT
Vacuum Transducer Electronics VT
Vacuum Tube Electronics VT
Vee Tunnel Electronics VT
Variable Transient Electronics VT
Virtual Time Time VT
Vault Teller Banking VT
Value Transfer Accounts and Finance VT
Value Totable Accounts and Finance VT
Sts Processing Directorate (vehicle Transportation) Space Science VT
Vent Space Science VT
Variable Trajectory Space Science VT
Vertical Time Space Science VT
Variable Type Computer Assembly Language VT
Vertical Totals Database Management VT
Virtual Table Database Management VT
Value Type Database Management VT
Vanishing Terms Maths VT
Velocity Time Physics Related VT
Valid Time Physics Related VT
Value Trust Stock Exchange VT
Verfugungstruppe Military and Defence VT
Vosper Thornycroft Military and Defence VT
Naval Torpedo Bombing Squadron, W W I I Military and Defence VT
Virtual Tank Military and Defence VT
Virtual Terminal Military and Defence VT
Variable Time (anti-aircraft Fuse) Military and Defence VT
VELLORE TOWN Indian Railway Station VT
Viscous Traction Chemistry VT


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