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What is the full form of DTC?

DTC Full form Kya hay?

DTC Full Form is: Delhi Transport Corporation

D = Delhi

T = Transport

C= Corporation

  • Category: Transport & Travel/Land Transport
  • DTC Full Form in Hindi is: दिल्ली परिवहन निगम
  • DTC Full Acronym Form in Malayalam is: ഡെൽഹി ട്രാൻസ്‌പോർട്ട് കോർപ്പറേഷൻ
  • DTC Full Form in Ukrainian is: Транспортна корпорація Делі

DTC Full Form or meaning in Transport & Travel and Land Transport sector is: Delhi Transport Corporation

DTC or Delhi Transport Corporation Pronunciation

DTC Full Form

Founded May 1, 1948
Headquarters DTC Headquarters, I.P. Estate, New Delhi 110002
Service area Delhi, NCR
Service type
  • Local sight seeing
  • Intra-state bus service
  • Inter-state bus service
Alliance JNNURM
  • Tata-Marcopolo A/C 1623 Starbus
  • Tata-Marcopolo non-A/C 1623 Starbus
  • Ashok Leyland ULF non-AC
  • Ashok Leyland ULF AC
Daily ridership 1.23 million daily as of 4 November 2019
Fuel type CNG
Operator Government of Delhi
Chairman Kailash Gahlot
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Other Significant Full Form of DTC

Full Form Sector/Category Short Form or Acronym
Digital Traffic Channel Computer and Networking DTC
Digital Transmit Command Computer and Networking DTC
Department of Telecommunications and Cable Telecommunication DTC
DITOKCHERRA Indian Railway Station DTC
Direct Thermocouple Control Electronics DTC
Direct Torque Control Electronics DTC
Department Technology Coordinator Job Title DTC
Design Thinking & Communication Certifications DTC
Diagnostic Trouble Code Computer Hardware DTC
Desktop Tactical Computer Computer Hardware DTC
Dans Ton Cul Messaging DTC
Down To Chill Messaging DTC
Distributed Transaction Coordinator Job Title DTC
Distributed Termination Condition Maths DTC
Deterministic Transitive Closure Maths DTC
Dutch Tournament Crew Sports DTC
Design-to-cost Military and Defence DTC
Data Transfer Controller Softwares DTC
Design Time Control Softwares DTC
Digital Technology Center Technology DTC
Digital Technology and Culture Technology DTC
Diversified Technology Consultants Technology DTC

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